Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sorry I've not been posting

Hi everyone,

 As you can see I have not been posting for quite awhile. I continue to heal and it is almost a year since my major illness.

My Wife/Mistress during the last 12 months has been fantastic, lately we have even started to play!...... Well occasionally and not to hard!.   I have gradually started to repick up the chores and duties that I had prior to my illness, one of my great joys has been me being able to run the kitchen a gain.  Cooking for my Mistress is one of my great pleasures.

I'm hopeful that I will soon continue my book, I would like to finish it, also the political landscape here has changed, certainally over here and possibly over there, I don't know for sure but I would hazard a guess Mr Trump isn't into Female Rule...... We maybe just at the weekends when his name is
Tracy.  Sorry America, Mr Trump is viewed with quite a lot of uncertainty over here.

I will attempt to return more often, have a great week m

Friday, 22 January 2016

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

The train trip to London was long and tedious but bizarrely also too short and a blur.  The train rocked, rattled and squeaked, the constant lurching was unpleasant and uncomfortable.   Dull thick pressure on the ears came and went as tunnels sucked their blended metal ride inwards before releasing it, each entry plunging them into a dark abyss which matched the days mood.  They changed at Bristol Parkway Station, which was assailed by cold rain that penetrated their fibres as the relentless tears of the Gods fell from the grey mournful remorseful sad sky.  David was convinced they were under observation, that faded lost antenna that use to received faint traces of warnings and subconscious alert pinged in the back of his mind, he'd always likened it to how a Spider tensed in the second before getting squashed.  Cathy continually held his hand, squeezing and squashing to the point of part pain; part reassurance.  Mistress Wendy looking smart but slightly frazzled in the hair department was silent and withdrawn.  Neither of the Ladies gave any sign that they detected that they were being watched. David choose not to mention it, it just st didn't seem important.

Exiting the Station at London they grabbed a Black Cab, the freckled driver cheery and welcoming for a few seconds until Wendy gave the address.  "Harrods, the rear entrance, it has the number 6 painted on the door"
"Fuck" then followed by a rapid "Sorry" explicated the middle aged ginger haired knight of the road.
Wendy leaned forward, tapped on the dividing clear plastic between them and command him to turn round and look at her.  With some difficulty the overweight man twisted, David could see the man, now paler and fearful was unable to meet Wendy's eye.  "Neck" was Wendy's only word.  Reluctantly Ginger pulled his lime green roll necked sweater down reviewing a light brown leather slave collar, a bar code in black was evident, as was one bright red blood coloured strip.
"Criminal Scum" snapped Wendy, then "Thought so, you can always tell" she added turning to Cathy for a second.  Cathy nodded in agreement and squeezed David's hand tighter still.
"So boy, submissive are you, yes of course I can see that from the colour of your collar, hiding your collar". Flinging up a hand palm and pressing onto the less than spotless plastic to silence Ginger as he tried to explain. "Don't bother you swearing little illiterate vermin just hand over your book, oh and where's; or rather how is your punishment device activated in here?".
Resignedly with a small sob a small black note book and stubby pen were presented through the interconnecting hole between driver and customer.  Wendy briefly read the lined note book and then penned a few lines.  "That should get you a quick twenty at least" she said before passing the book and pen back.  "Swearing is not permitted from property, neither is hiding ones collar.......yes I know it's cold, punishment device?".
Ginger sobbed loudly, struggled for breath and pointed at a white round door bell embedded in the roof of the cab, just above Wendy's head.
Wendy smiled, her eyes gleamed and she pressed the button for two seconds, Ginger yelled out in pain.  "Testicles.... ah.....scum...... nice bit of electricity?" She enquired.  Ginger nodded while trying to rub his sore aching parts with his right hand.  Wendy saw the movement, gasped in surprise and pressed the button for ten seconds.  Ginger convulsed and yelled in agony.  When he recovered the note book and pen were passed back and forth, additional note penned in reference to Gingers disgusting attempt to try and alleviate the painful punishment.  "And that will get you thirty more, drive on boy". Wendy uttered with evident satisfaction.  David couldn't help but notice that Cathy had that disturbing look of pure pleasure on her face.  Briefly their eyes met and Cathy licked her lips, once then twice, David swallowed hard as the Taxi moved off.

It took a good twenty minutes to arrive outside the door with a 6 painted on it.  David thought that the 6 looked like a crooked cane bent over as if it was just connecting with some unfortunates behind.  Ginger then committed yet another transgressions by asking for payment.  Wendy fiercely passed the button of pain, more notes were written. Ginger finally drove away desperately rubbing some relief.  After a good mile he pulled over, read the notes in the book, laughed and swopped the note book over with his real one that he hid at the start of each shift.  Yet again he said to himself his Parole Mistress would be pleased, nay delighted with him, a clean note book and provided free aid to two Mistresses and their boy from the Station to the Mistress High Court.  Only two months to go and he'd be free of the stripe, fooled the cunts he sniggered to himself.  "Little bitches" he proffered to himself.

Meanwhile Wendy, Cathy and David after being admitted by a very well built muscular Warrior Dog dressed in a smart suite, took a service lift to a basement where a young Mistress who was seated behind a desk ticked them off on a list and pressed a button.  A pile of wooden crates glided apart to reveal a grand stone stair case.  A silver chain leash was attached to David's chrome collar, which had been kindly posted to Cathy using "Slave Post" by Mistress Amphere, and he was led downwards, the cases closing with a little sigh behind them.  They walked down into a grand corridor come anti-room.  People, mainly Mistresses sped up and down, rushing through the many doors.  Cathy took David into the Slave toilets, it was unoccupied, he stripped off and placed his clothes on a peg; shoes and socks rested below, then he used the Slave Toilet followed by a cold shower.  Cathy watched him intensely before encouraged him to drink from a fountain.  With a few drips pattering onto the floor; as he was still damp; they rejoined Cathy's Mother.  Both of the Ladies then took it in turn to disappear and freshen up.  David knelt; slouching a little, he was worried to put it mildly, yes Wendy has assured both he and Cathy all would be well, but as he ruefully thought not even sky's discovery channel had given advice on what to do if a Mistress was banging your bum!

"Blackstock, Blackstock" shouted out a harassed Indian Mistress, her Sari colourful and flowing; a Mistress blade hung in op its scabbard around her tiny waste.  Wendy stepped forward.  On seeing them the Indian Mistress almost ran towards them.  "Come now; quick they are ready for you.  On being ushered through an oak ornate door; as individual as all the others were; David found himself being led into a rather normal square officy type room, he'd had expected something grander.  There older white haired women sat behind a long table with a crisp white linen cloth smothering the table in its purity.  Tumblers and a water jug rested unused to one end.  To the other a young Mistress, about Cathy's age David thought sat on a stool munching on her pen.  On reaching the centre of the room Cathy ordered him into three and then stood to the right of him.  Wendy alongside on his left.  He felt the air move;  cooling his skin as the door briefly opened and then closed behind him.  Clip clip, tap tap foot steps reached his ears, he didn't need to look, he just knew it was Emilia.

The Main Judge looked up from her notes, keen blue eyes surveyed those before her.  The three all deeply curtsied to her, David of course did not move.  "Madam President" Emilia said, "I'm concerned that we are not before a full court of 12 with legal representation " she uttered in a firm but respectful manner.
"Your late Madam" replied the Judge, her two companions nodded in agreement.  The young girl was urgently recording with her pen all that had been said.  She hopped that it would not last long as her piles were itching, she struggled to sit still.

"Apologies Madam President, affairs of state, you know"  offered Emilia.
"No not really" came the cold curt response.  David listened intently, his knees were beginning to hurt on the man-made thin office type speckled carpet, it was one of those with raised lines, worse than a tiled floor he thought.
Looking shrewdly at them Madam President spoke, clearly leaving them all in no doubt as to her position.
"I am amazed this case has been called, I am staggered that any of you would consider that we would waste 12 judges on It". She pointed a finger a David.  David guessed he was It.
"I am even more, if it is possible to be so, shocked that as a family you cannot reach an agreement over minor property like It". Again the finger was waved at David.
"And as for Lawyers" she continued dryly, "This isn't the British Government you know, we do not waste our monies on inflated fees and long talks of sophistry, understand this, I will give both parties five minutes and then we will make our pronouncement, no appeal, no arguments, now Mistress Emila Blackstock, you first".

Emilia bobbed a quick curtesy and gave her account, clearly and crisply, the criminal, the thief, dangerous, carried a gun.  Then Wendy and Cathy spoke, full of passion and pleads.  David's poor childhood was mentioned more than once, his helpfulness to Emila, his now submission and obedience to the Mistress Hood was proclaimed.  Testimonials from Mistresses Amphere and Penny produced, glowing, full of hope and expectation.
Finally all had been said, briefly the three officials conferred before Madam President spoke.

"The matter before us is simple, who collared It first". Again a finger was pointed at David, who by this time was in complete agony, his knees were numb.  "Mistress Emila Blackstock you claimed him first, therefore he is yours, it's that simple, everything else matters not, but as to why it still breathes is beyond me.  If scum had broken into my abode I would have stripped the skin from It; inch by inch.  This court commands It to be handed back, Now!".
Emila smiled, walked up to a stunned Cathy and took the lead from her.  Wendy opened and closed her mouth, struggled for composure before curtsying and the dragging Cathy out who was glaring at her aunt.

"Emilia" Madam President called in a warning tone "Be careful, The Animal is not worth a feud"
Emila smiled and curtseyed, the four officers of the court left by a side door, the young girl last in line tried surreptitiously to scratch some relief as she walked.  Emilia looked down at David "Two boy". Stiffly David complied, somehow he wasn't amazed at the outcome, just resigned to it.  "Standup if you can boy, let's go". David stood up shacking his legs, the stiffness loosened.  Pulling on the chain she led him out, passed Wendy and Cathy.  Wendy called out to her, Emilia ignored her.  Cathy shouted out "David, this isn't over, don't despair.  He was pushed into the Slave Toilets, instructed to dress then led triumphantly up the stone sweeping staircase. Later after a nightmare rush hour journey they arrived in Mistress Emilia's office.

"So little one your two weeks are almost up, tell you what I will give you a week extra, now run along and hide, but no going near my sister or Cathy, off you trot, and don't worry I will still kill you quickly".  Emila giggled "well.....fairly quickly" she added with glee.

David went to move, to slink away and await death, then M's words came to him, throw in the curved ball.  Turning his palms over David waited for permission to speak, finally after a long wait he heard one word "Speak"
"Please my Mistress let me spend my last few days serving you, don't send me away, I submit to you, please let me serve you, I can fetch and carry, cook and clean. Please please let me".

Emilia was taken aback, she thought about it for a few minutes and then said "Ok why not, if you want to that's up to you, but there will be no mercy, no more chances, your dead, as dead as dead can be.  Scuttle off and bring me tea, earl grey boy!".

As David left he heard the telephone rang, the conversation was brief, he didn't even have time to get out of the door before it ended.  The only thing that struck a cord with him was when Emilia said "So she will be at Rapture on Saturday, well of course she would, your no one if you don't go there for the xmas ball".
Brilliant thought David, the day I get to die the woman who caused all this goes to a party, nice!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Mistress Amphere and David travelled in silence, David sniffed and sobbed a little continually wiping his nose on his sleeve and rub his red eyes. She was stone face, brooding and very very angry. The traffic was very light; they arrived outside the Blue Parrott Cafe far quicker than either of them would have liked. Gliding into a parking space the car came to rest and She turned off the ignition, they sat in silence, neither wanting to break the moment.

"I'm sorry David" she whispered, her hand caressing his wet check, "We've got time, leave it with me, I'll talk her round, promise".

David shook his head, slowly; resigned, beaten, "No you won't, thanks but you won't be able to, not her, no way; no how". Briefly he smiled with a lost little boy look entwined with a dry rye expression of regret and resignation.  "You've been amazing" he stammered, followed by a horse, "Be lucky Goddess, Mistress, you deserve luck, bags and bags of it".

He tried to leave, desperate to escape the long gut wrenching goodbye full of emptiness and what ifs. She remonstrated with him, almost pleading; begging for him to fight on, not to give up.  Finally they ended up in the Cafe, steam and over boiled veg mixed with mildew and late autumns damp assailed their nostrils.  Mugs of tea were dumped down; these left untouched; unwanted.  They sat in silence, nothing more to say, nothing more to do except bid each other farewell, this was the one thing neither could do.  The door opened, the door bell dinged and tinged and a heavy dark shadow cast over them.  It was of course Mistress Blackstock, calm, assured and as usual totally in charge of the situation.  Finally with a last distraught look Mistress Amphere left when bidden, anger stamped across her face in large clear brail.  Mistress Blackstock took her place, glanced at the stale drink and pulled a face.

"Here's you belongings boy, guns loaded, ready to go".  She nodded to the floor where unnoticed to David she had rested a sandy coloured holder on the floor.  David briefly glanced at it, uncaring and dismissive.  He looked at her struggling not to lower his eyes, then he pleaded, argued, begged, finally he shouted out in frustration before just sitting in graveyard silence.  The few patrons within were now all looking directly at the pair while attempting to appear to be looking elsewhere.  Excitement and gossip always welcome.

Placing her elbows on the chipped grimy table she rested her chin on the back of her hands.  The look of the snake as it takes in its prey set on her face, the eyes of steel gleaming with anticipation.  David could see she was enjoying the moment, no he thought not enjoying, far more than that, savouring, tasting, devouring his helplessness, his crushing loss of hope, of life.  "Cheer up boy, you've got two weeks, go and have a nice holiday, Ibiza should suite you, hot and shallow; just like you!".

Negatively shaking his head David countered "Your wrong, I've change, you said so yourself, why kill me, why?".

"Because I can" came the cat like reply, "Because you deserve it, oh yes I agree you've changed, but not enough, the beer proved that to me, no beers; live, drink beers, deceitful little shit die". Leaning forward she hissed in a whisper "You were sent to help Penney, oh yes you did, but you also took the Michael, you cannot be trusted, not fully, so you die, that's it, don't complain, don't cry; just go away and wait for me to kill you". Her tongue flicked the blood red lips, just once with the tip of her pink tongue.  David slumped his head resting on the table, the door was opened and another ding rang out.  He didn't look up, well he didn't look up until a familiar voice silkily said "You lying shit". David righted himself, looked up and gazed into Cathys smiling eyes.

"Hello David, you look remarkable well for someone who's dead, Mmmmmm let me guess my beloved Aunt, who it appears likes mugs of builders tea, fibbed a little, well a lot in fact, didn't you?".  Cathy shot the question; arrow loosed from a longbow, hard, fast, direct.

Emilia raised her eyes meeting Cathys and deflected the arrow, "He's mine, it's of no real concern to you despite what you think, I have priority over him and he dies when I choose, when I want, where I want, how i want.  So go home and sulk if you must, despise me if you need to, it's for your own good....... he, this". She waved a dismissive hand at him, "Is not good enough for you, dragged up in the back streets of London, how can you love him, you don't know him, you fool".

Cathys face went red, she began to shake, adrenaline pumping into her system, then the torrent spewed forth.  What she said, afterwards she couldn't remember but as she finally dried up and the room went quiet the other customers began to clap and even cheered briefly.  Mistress Blackstock coldly looked round the room, each punter stilled into stone as her gaze met theirs.  Finally she looked back at Cathy "Fine, you've made you point, so be it, enjoy him you've got two weeks then he's mine". Then without another work she rose, almost tripped over the bag, walked in the stilled shouting vacuum that cried out from the walls and left.  For some reason the door bell didn't work, only David notice.  Cathy grabbed David hugging him as tight as tight could, ownership and dominance in equal measure.

Eventually they sat gazing; that your mine forever look that young lovers have, Cathy reached under his top and twisted a nipple, she looked at his crotch and then smiled into his eyes and said "My Mothers going to cane the shit out of you, you pulled outside our house and didn't say hello, oh yes" She continued as she put her other hand over his protesting mouth, "Then I'm going to cane you and then I'm going to rape you and Emilia can sod off, your mine, for keeps, for ever, do understand slave?".

David nodded, he understood and he began to smile and then laughed, he belonged.
One thing worried him about Cathy; she did seem to swear a lot, what would Wendy say, and deep down he couldn't help feeling that Mistress Blackstock would not let go of him.  But for now he had only eyes and thoughts for Cathy.

They spent that first glorious night in his flat, Cathy did him, had him, consumed him, enjoyed him.  And David loved it, even the painful bits, as he found out a Mistress on heat can play rough.
Afterwards she cuddled him and they talked about events, there were no lies, there was just.......them and the universe stopped.

Late the following morning they took a train home.

It was a few days and two bouts of the cane later that a naked David was washing up in Wendy's kitchen when the front door bell rang, the melody sang.  David dried his hands and moved quickly to the door, on opening it he saw Mistress Bevan.  As she looked at him she raised an eyebrow, David stepped back into the Hall.  Mistress Bevan walked in, David shut the door; then dropped into three kissed her feet, left than right before moving into two.  With a brief "Thank you boy, announce me" She seated herself on the green leather high backed chair and started to remove her black gloves.  David hurried to find Wendy.

Shortly afterwards David was knelt by Cathys side, the three Ladies were seated around the kitchen table, the bone china rattled.  "Well there you are, that's how it is, I'm sorry".

Wendy responded to Mistress Bevan.  "The High Coven Council, she must have taken leave of her senses, what is she doing, this is madness, no one goes to the High Council over a boy, my sister is bereft of any common sense!"  Her steel eyes narrowed, "Right if she wants a fight she's got one, with me!".
Mistress Beven closed her eyes, Good Goddess she thought this is going to get messy, she must not miss a moment.  David looked at Cathy, she looked back and smiled weakly, his hand reached for hers.

The battle lines drawn, the time and date set.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty

David came round, eyes opened slowly; his mind trying to comprehend why he was on the ceiling and the floor above his head.  Lights; no Beacons where flashing, David realised they were part of the Fire Alarm.  He couldn't understand why the Fire Alarm wasn't blaring if the Beacons were flashing.  Emergency Lights glowed through the dust; a blue strip neon light flickered beaming morse code in an alien language.  It was so quiet, David couldn't comprehend the silence, where was the music, the girl, where was the girl?.  The room span David shut his eyes then reopened them, he was back on the floor, the neon light laying next to him.  The ceiling was back where it should be, David noticed the Glittering Ballroom Globe had disappeared; only its cord remained swinging.
Noise faintly eaked it's worming way into his head.  The Fire Alarm was now just audible; squawking its warning, urging all to leave, run, flee.  David tried to move, it was so hard; he took it slowly testing each limb one by one. Arms, yes, legs ok.  He sat up; the room did a couple of 360's, he flopped down, the room halted its waltz.  He lay there unsure what to do, unclear of who, what or why.  Rolling onto his tummy he started to crawl towards a light which illuminated the words 'Emergency Exit' promising sanctuary.  The Fire Alarm ceased its convulsions, in its place moaning and soft crying of his fellow dancers now entered his conscience.  With gritted teeth he dragged himself onwards towards the light.  He became aware other ghostly murky shapes were also lurching, crawling towards the light.  Hope beckoned from the light, he raised up an arm stretching for the push-bar to open the Fire Door.  Briefly his fingertips brushed the metal, his strength failed him; his arm lowered, fell; weak and exhausted, the powerful muscles now jelly like.  Laying by the door David saw through the gloom a shape with arms outstretched drunkenly weaving wending its way towards him.  As he watched this monster approaching he realised he couldn't smell anything, not a whiff.  The monster clumsily stepped on him, slipped; then crashed through the double doors.  Fresh clean air flooded in, debris and dust wafted out.  David flopped over and dragged himself onto a mat of grass, water, no rain splattered his face, he licked his lips and sat up, the world span, he lay back down, rain invaded into his eyes, nose and mouth.  The mouth welcoming the wetness, his caked tongue eager for the purity.

A shape hovered over him, words whispered, the shape had a mouth, the mouth was moving again, the whispering resumed, he couldn't understand the words.  Another form loomed over him, a bigger more frightening shadow, this form manhandled him; lifting him effortlessly then carried him towards a blue flashing light.  All went black.

When David next came too; a piercing bright white light was blinding him; he brushed it away, a voice murmured. "Ok, easy, your safe, your in Hospital, it's ok, relax".
David looked up a man in a white medical jacket, with large black rimmed specs which sat upon a pointed nose.  A stethoscope was dangled around his thin pale neck.  A Nurse hovered into view, the two professional exchanged words, some David understood, others were meaningless.  With a 'Get some rest, you'll be fine' from the Doc; David was left alone tucked up in crisp white sheets, his eyelids became heavy, he slept.

Awakening to daylight and a beaming sun David was helped to the bathroom and on his return to his bed was given breakfast, he struggled to feed himself, the conditioning of being hand fed was too much for him, he put the bowel of Cereal down and concentrate on the mug of cheap coffee instead.  Looking out of the window at the filling carpark he tried to make sense of the nights events.  A voice disturbed his pondering.
"Not hungry boy?"  David's snapped his head round and instantly regretted doing so a dull ache in his head flared into a hammering of pain rattling in his scull. Mistress Blackstock stood in the doorway regarding him.  Dressed in a smart black dress with a high neckline, a pearl neckless fastened around her perfect neck, holdups and patent high heels completed her dress.  With a start David realised he should be kneeling and started to get out of bed.  With a "No boy, stay"  Mistress Blackstock moved swiftly to him placing a retraining hand.  "Stay, your safe, it's ok". She smiled at him before sitting down on the high backed pink hospital chair, she looked at the bowel and enquired if he wasn't hungry.  David looked ashamed before admitting he was starving but just couldn't face feeding himself.  Mistress Blackstock smiled a warm smile picked up the bowel and fed him. David was completely unnerved.
The intimacy of feeding was something they both found they relaxed into.  They talked quietly until suddenly David panicked realising he hadn't seen Mistress Amphere, Mistress Shania or m, he only calmed down when he got a firm assurance they were all fine and safe.  Mistress Blackstock explained that although a bomb had gone off it appeared that it hadn't fully detonated, David's compatriots had gravitated to the quiet lounge so had been untouched.  The bomb had exploded in the Disabled Toilets set just off the dance floor, although the damage had been severe in the blast area it had been limited to the dance floor and toilets, with the toilets getting the worse of it.  She gently explained that two people were dead and five unfortunates had life changing injuries.  David was confused how he got of so lightly considering where he was, Mistress Blackstock shrugged her shoulders and speculated that he might have been shielded by a pillar.  David thought about this for a bit before realising that he hadn't mentioned that he had seen the woman, the warrior.  He looked at Mistress Blackstock; glanced downwards as he was unable to hold her gaze and told her.  She gave no outward sign of surprise or shock, instead she probed him, checking then rechecking his account.  A Nurse entered; curtseying to Mistress Blackstock and request "Ma'am depart now please".
Mistress Blackstock politely thanked her, enquired how her boy was, smiled and nodded at the brief positive reply before giving David a pat on his check and left.  The nurse gave David a professional smile and said. "Back to sleep boy, but take these first".  As she proffered a couple of tablets and a glass of water.
David gave a weak.  "Yes Mistress" and meekly took his medicine.  The Nurse snuggled him up, closed the curtains, finally turning off the lights before shutting the door as she left.
David slept.

When he awoke later Mistress A was sitting in a chair reading the Telegraph.  On seeing his eyes looking at her she folded the newspaper, creased it with thumb and finger before resting it on the small table next to her.  She shook her head and said "Well boy what is it with you?  You'll be the death of me!. She placed a hand gently onto his forearm, this set him off and David sobbed a little, salty tears rolled down his cheeks. Smiling a beaming smile she rubbed his head.  "Let's get you home little one, would you like that?"
David reached out to her and they hugged.

A couple of days later Mistress Bevan popped into Wendy's on speck, hoping for a coffee and gossip.  Wendy was out, but fortunately for Mistress Bevan; Cathy however was at home and politeness being such a big thing in the Mistress world she was invited in and bone china cups soon rattled.  Mistress Bevan found talking to Cathy very hard, it was difficult to have a conversation with someone who just answered yes or no in a dull monotone manner. Racking her brain for something to say she told the story of the boy with three red stripes who was found in a house that had been burgled fitting an Intruder Alarm.
Cathys head shot up; the table had lost its attraction. "What was the boys name" Cathy asked in an urgent tone, "The name, please the name" she implored.
"Not sure" came the reply, "Mind saw him parked outside your house the following day".
Cathy fixed Mistress Bevan with a hard intense look.  "Was his name David by any chance?"  The monotone had disappeared.
Mistress Bevan was taken aback by the change.  "Why yes my dear I rather think it was".
"The lying scheming bastard bitch" snarled Cathy; followed by "Please excuse me, cake? More Coffee, please tell me more". Mistress Bevan recovered quickly from the verbals and being Mistress Bevan did one of her favourite things and gossiped and strung out the story.  Cathy listened; her face now calm; but her blood was boiling.

For David next few days were quiet ones, David spent most of the time in Mistress A's lounge watching Sky Box office.  Then like all good things it came to an abrupt end, the telephone rang and they were summoned to Mistress Blackstocks abode for two o'clock, sharpe.  At the appointed hour; naked; in three David waited upon his owner, Mistress A standing next to him; chain in her right hand which was clipped to his steel collar.
"Two, free look; free talk" came the snapped order from his owner.  Moving gracefully David looked up; gazing into those steel withering eyes, he swallowed hard.  Leaning forward, hands and forearms resting upon her desk she looked down at him.  The silence was awful; the ambiance unsettling, distrurbing, distrustful.  "That's it boy, we've got her on the CCTV, a good picture of her face, we will soon identify her, that bomb going off was  Devine Help; you can go now to the Cafe, I will be there within the hour, unclip him please".
David was unclipped, he was stunned, what was going on he wondered, it just wouldn't sink in, was that it, freedom?  Was he free he enquired in a stammer, the words tripping over each other.
"Oh yes indeed" came the curt reply, then "Just for two weeks and then I'll cut your throat!".
David's mouth stopped working; his jaw gapped open; saliva ran down his chin.  Mistress A  started to remonstrate, she became vocal, angry, her hands curled into fists.  Mistress Blackstock remained impassive, unyielding and resolute in her position.  Finally Mistress A muttered threw clenched teeth she would take him to the cafe herself.  Then as gently as she could she dragged a paralysed David out.

Mistress Blackstock let out a sigh before picking up the phone, then on hearing an answer she said "Send her in" in a weary voice.  A second door opened next to the Fire Place, it was difficult to see as it appeared to be part of the paneling."Hello Aunty" came the briefest of acknowledgements from Cathy as she entered, "Wheres David?".

They looked into each others eyes, each now waiting for the other to speak.  The battle of wills endured with Mistress Blackstock finally yielding.  "I've got to go out now, let's speak later" she said followed by a small mean smile". Cathy folded her arms in a nows a good time pose.  Mistress Blackstock rose and walked to the main door; almost rushing to escape, with a parting "Sorry must dash, talk later" she sped out.  Cathy pursed her lips, uttered something not very ladylike before sitting at the desk; unsure what to do.  For a few minutes she sat there deep in thought, just staring downwards, not focusing just lost on the next move she should take.  Then she focused, the next move lay on the desk,  an A4 diary open at today's date, meetings booked throughout the day. Two caught her eye,
1400 David
1500 Cafe, return his things, swop bullets for blanks.
She knew which cafe, and who was getting his things back, the bullets worried her, where had David got bullets from and why? She asked herself.  At least no mention of a gun she comforted herself.  Running downstairs to the garage she demanded a car from a Slave Dog who had just driven in, the Slave Dog looked confused; but managed a bob-curtsy and offered the keys to his ride.  Cathy grabbed them, shouted "Good boy" and was off in a squeal of rubber and smoke.

Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen

David moved his hands over so that his palms faced the ceiling.  There was a long silence
followed by.  "Two, free look, free talk" from Mistress Amphere in her rich distinctive tone.
Moving stiffly David complied and on reaching the required position looked into Mistress A's eyes.
"Hi Mistress" he said and gave her a smile, his eyes pleading, shining.  "I've been good, honest, I've been helping Penny".
"Mistress Penny to you boy" Interjected Mistress Blackstock.
"Yep; Mistress Penny, sorry" Replied David, that sicky feeling was returning.
Mistress A placed her hands on her hips and shook her head.  "Really, do tell!".
David did, he gave a blow by blow account of everything that had happened, except the beer.  All the time Mistress A just looked impassively at him, finally he dried up, story told.
Glancing at Mistress Blackstock for conformation and getting a brief nod Mistress A raised her eye brows and said.  "OK, let's go, I guess your balls are safe today, follow me, hands and heels".  Bidding Mistress Blackstock a. "See you soon". She sauntered towards the door, David scrabbled to keep up.  As the door was opened David heard Mistress Blackstock call.  "Oh didn't you forget to mention the drinking?"  David closed his eyes. 'Bollocks' he thought.  Mistress A said in a very quiet voice.  "I'm going to make you scream and scream as I cane your balls until your sick, you little shit!".

The drive back to Mistress Amphares residence was unremarkable except that David was naked in the boot.  On reflection David thought this wasn't that unremarkable either.
He was dragged straight up to the Dungeon, thrown to the floor, then silence.  David's heart pumped away, beating faster than a woodpeckers peck.
"How many beers boy?"
"Six Mistress" David stammered in reply.
"Nice were they"
"Yes Mistress" David said, determined not to lie again.  After all he thought what's the point.
David waited for it to begin, the lull before the storm, his mouth dry, fear ruling his mind.
Then............"OK boy go and do supper".
David's head snapped up to look at her, disbelief flashing like a beacon radiating from his face.  She laughed and said.  "It's ok boy, Penny has sung your praises, as for that matter has a certain Warrior, so a few beers was naughty but ok in my book.  Of course Mistress B was never going to see it that way". Smiling at David she added.  "So your a slut I hear, mmmmmmmm I love a boy who enjoys a good shafting, it's so horny". She blew a kiss at him and gestured for him to get on.
That night David ended up sleeping in Mistress A's arms.  Just before he dropped of he realised he was happy, really happy.    

The day's returned to what David now called 'normal', training, cooking, cleaning and outings.  Munches and clubs became his second home.  Mistress A and David became closer, not lovers, but still; they now loved each other in that way that family members cannot help but do.  The bond strong, trust flowed both ways.  Mee Mee was present as much as she could, her work clearly busy as she was a less frequent visitor.  David always welcomed her comings.  This friendship also blossomed.

Of course the visitors to the Dungeon kept on coming, the naughty school boy Wigglesworth returned and was thrashed, the Pony Policeman was a frequent attendant, wanting pats and caresses to which he neighed and whinnied while stamping his foot.
There were the sad old men who came to life when transformed into Clarrisa or Janet.
David was beginning to think that he had seen it all when one afternoons events changed
his perception.  A middle aged man, smartly dressed, pinstriped suite, black umbrella, brogues, with a piggy face, quivering jowls, snouty nose, beady black eyes and a bold head arrived.  Soon he was naked, white puffy flesh and a hairy groin on show, hands cuffed behind his back.  David was in the cage watching furtively.   Mistress A was in thigh length boots, apart from that she was also naked.  Pinstripe as David had named him in his head; was licking the toes of the boots while being struck by a meaty cane.  All the time Mistress A kept calling Pinstripe a shithead.  For the next hour Pinstripe was beaten and chased around the room, slapped, kicked and belly punched.  Mistress A then slipped on a pair of surgical rubber gloves, starred at her victim with a cruel unkind look of disgust and withering contempt.
Pinstripe was ordered to roll over onto his back, after a struggle he managed to, Mistress A squatted over the mans upturned face, as she did so she grabbed his balls in one hand and squeezed tightly, with the other she started to masterbate him.  Pinstripes cock swelled and grew.  He moaned in ecstasy. Then David could not believe what he saw with his own eyes.  The command came "Open slave".  The man opened his mouth; just in time as a brown squidgy offering was slowly vacated from Mistress A's hole. It hung for what seemed to be for ever before plopping straight into Pinstripes wide open mouth.  About a third stuck out held in position by his thin mean lips, steam was rising as the solid started to cool.  "Eat boy" was the next command.  The man did, with effort, the sounds of choking and gagging were clearly audible.  The hand kept pumping his cock, occasionally stopping then after a few seconds recommencing.
Finally the vile stinking substance was consumed.  Mistress A stood up then squatted again before pissing a stream of urine into the willing, greedy open mouth.  The noise was like filling a cup from a kettle when a kettle is held high above the cup.  She kept halting her flow then urgently commanded each time. "Swallow it scum". The man did as bid and then the torrent resumed.  David was mesmerised.  With a yelp of pain mixed with relief the man orgasmed; a mighty spurt of the White stuff was directed onto the Dominatrix's boot.  Three more smaller spurts followed; each one directed the same way.  Letting go of his squeezed balls Mistress A gave them a harsh slap.  The man cried out.  Mistress A stood up, sneered at her subservient human toilet and spat into the still open mouth.  Finally the man was allowed or forced to roll over and struggle to his knees before licking his fluid from her boots.  When she was satisfied she manoeuvred him into a kneeling with head down touching the floor, knees wide apart.  With a loud shout of aggression she kicked from the rear hard into his damaged balls.  He curled up in agony, it was over.  

After the man had showered and left Mistress A let David out of the cage.  He washed her in the shower, she seemed to be remote, distant for a time, in her own world.  David noticed she kept smiling.  Leaving David to clean up she headed downstairs for a snooze.  David fetched the mop and bucket and got to work. He couldn't help but notice the two thousand pounds resting on the Throne. 'So that how much it costs to get shit on" he thought.

The following Sunday they were off again to Devotions, David was keen to go, Mistress Shania and m were to meet them there.  They had met a few times at Munches and David adored them both.  The event commenced with its traditional Ladies Tea Party, the place was packed.  The men were outnumbered by the Women.  David ended up helping; serving Teas and Cakes, he had a great time, curtseying and smiling at every opportunity.  The three red stripes collar was left at home and he sported his Club Collar a broad leather one with four D rings, three at the front, the other to the rear.  Ladies seemed to enjoy David's service, he found himself bursting with pride at the kind words and comments.
After the Tea; groups wondered down in dribs and drabs to the main arena.  There a slave talent competition was underway.  Mostly the slave ended up looking stupid, but one fit boy was pole dancing, gyrating and shacking his ass.  He'd been oiled up; even David had to admit he looked 'The Biz'.  As the pole dancer ended his routine, for clearly it was a routine Mistress Shania clicked her tongue before exclaiming. "It's that fat bitch, it's her new boy, can't stand the stuck up cow, arse the size of hippo.  She once said the Welsh sing like a bunch of prossies on a heat".  Looking at m she instructed. "Well don't just stand there you dick; go and win it".  Followed by as m looked enquiringly at her.  "Yes, just this once, get on with it, now!".
m shuffled forward and a few minutes later was introduced.  There was a lot of chatter, most of the Lades had made their way to the main area.  Then m started to sing.  The rich operatic baritone voice filled the room.  Everyone fell silent; compelled to listen. M sang 'Silent Worship' from the opera Potolimi.  It was beautiful and so apt for the occasion.  As m finished there was a silence, then applause that went on and on, m smiled an embarrassed smile, Mistress Shania beamed, David clapped and clapped.  Mistress A hugged David, then Mistress Shania and finally a glowing m.  Only 'The Fat Bitch' looked unhappy; but no one noticed or cared.

The rest of the event was pretty normal, if a Femdom event can ever be classed as normal.  David was briefly played with, nothing heavy.  Mistress Shania and m just snogged in the corner, in the end a frustrated 'Dungeon Master' the name David leant that was given to a person male or female who polices a BDSM event to check on safety, half jokingly told them. "To get a room!".  Mistress Shania asked the woman if she wanted to join in.  The woman giggled, smiled and said. "Another time maybe".  And left them too it.
David kept his eye out for his quarry but as usual did not see her.

Later they all walked along the road to the car park, which they now always used, they passed the large hotel which was a handful of buildings down from Devotions.  A sign was outside '80's night, £10.00 pp, free buffet" Mistress Shania uttered a gasp of excitement and insisted they went in. She implored Mistress A to stay the night at their home. David of course didn't get a say in it.  In they went into a glittering dance floor where lights flashed and Ultravox pounded. Suddenly David found a bottle of lager thrust into his hand, he glanced nervously at his present keeper, she smiled that warm ok smile and told him this was a free night, he could drink, dance and relax.  They all drank and danced, partook of the average Buffett and made merry.  As the evening lengthened David ended up dancing on his own, he was merry, not drunk; but on the way.  He sang along to the tunes, he loved eighties bands.  Ultravox Vienna was possessing his soul when he saw her, the woman, the thief, blonde, beautiful, in a one piece PVC shiny jumpsuit, so tight fitting nothing was left to the imagination, a flogger was hanging down from a studded belt.  Her hands were above her head, she was dancing on her own, lost in the music, in her own little world.  David stopped dancing and just starred.  No one noticed, it was too dark, to loud for anyone to care, abruptly she left.  It occurred to David that he better tell his Mistress.  He turned to look for her.  He scanned the room for maybe a minute but couldn't see her, the record changed, thats when the bomb went off.

Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen

As David drove eastwards in a morbid resigned frame of mind, Mistress Bevan sipped her  morning tea while sitting at Wendy's large rectangle oak kitchen table, scores and gouges, cuts and stains reviling its less than new status.  Once the subject of Mistress Blackstock visit had been initially mentioned; Mistress Bevan got the clear unequivocal message that this item of gossip was not up for discussion; she hurriedly moved onto Women's Institute business; which of course had been the main purpose of her visit.  As the second cup of Earl Grey was being poured Cathy came down the well worn wooden creaking stairs that led from the Kitchen to a gallery above, from the gallery were doors to Bedrooms.  From one upstairs room came the sound of happy children at play.  Cathy gave Mistress Bevan a weak smile in welcome before heading to the Belfast sink for a glass of water.  Mistress Bevan couldn't help but wonder if the girl would ever fully recover, she looked so pale and worn.  Since her return she had hardly been seen in the village, clearly something had disturbed her while she was away.  She'd not even been to a single coven meeting mused Mistress Bevan, maybe she pondered it was connected to do with that horrific incident five years ago.  Realising that Wendy was asking about stall holders insurance the inner questions were put aside.

David eventually arrived at his garage, it had been a longer than expected trip.  Road works and the sheer volume of traffic had turned a three hour journey into a five hour one.  He was now very stiff and sore.  The van was put to bed and a long hot bath was indulged; the geriatric combo boiler clunking away as it produced the hot steamy water.  After that David glanced at the vast pile of accumulated post that he had bundled together the other day. As all his bills were paid by direct debit he eventually chucked the lot into a bin bag. Going on-line he checked up on his bank account; relieved to find he still had over twenty one thousand pounds sitting there, it had occurred to him that the Mistress-Hood might have cleaned out his account.  He ordered on the website a new bank card, the old one was presumably at Mistress Blackstocks house with his own clothes which were taken from him on his return with Mistress Blackstock.  Finally and with some hesitation David left his flat, the Emergency Credit Card had been stashed, the secret door key ferreted away once he stepped out of the entrance.  The latest bin bag was dumped and David headed for the tube.

As David arrived at Mistress Blackstocks residence he could see lots of coming and goings.  Women and men, all shapes and sizes were mainly rushing in or a few flying out of the pedestrian door adjacent to the large garage doors.  Some of the people he could see were young, strong, fit.  Others less fit, some, but not all; older.  Slipping through the door as it started to close, after a large fat young woman had wobbled out and headed away without closing the door firmly; David entered the garage, he was at the end nearest the inner door to the passage.  A large white van was on his right; blocking his view of most of the garage.  The door closed with a slight click as he shut it, he tensed waiting to be challenged, none came.  David was unsure what to do next, he had not really thought about what he should do on arrival.  He became aware someone, or rather Mistress Blackstock was speaking in a loud clear voice, he crept to the edge of the van and peered round.  Mistress Blackstock was standing at the other end of the garage, it was obvious to David that a lot of the  cars had been taken away as there was now a large space where they had been; part of this space was now occupied with about thirty people.  The men were all naked apart from their chastity devices, Collars and Cuffs.  All the men David could see were kneeling.  The women were all standing, smartly dressed.  Both the women and the men had their backs to David, Mistress Blackstock faced them, red leather gloves were on her hands, her hands were on her hips. David couldn't help but notice the very distinctive white, ruffled blouse, black bra visible beneath.  A black pencil skirt with fishnets and red shiny high heels completed the look.

The inner passage door was suddenly opened and Mistress Louise stepped through; as she did she turned so her back was to David, she was dressed in the exact manner that Mistress Blackstock was.  In her left gloved had she held a thin chain; it was taught and extended through the doorway.  "Come on scum!" She commanded and gave a tug on the chain, two naked men stepped through one after the other.  The chain was fixed to a testicle parachute fastened to the first mans tackle, the chain then extended to the second man groin where a parachute was also attached. Both men had their hands secured behind their backs.  David could see both men had a collar like his with three red stripes.  As Mistress Louise walked towards the waiting group the men were both comically pulled along by their balls.  The second man looked directly at David, his mouth opened but he didn't say a word.  He had a look of utter terror on his face.  Eventually the trio reached Mistress Blackstock; who gave the men a look of contempt before addressing them.
"You two scumbags had your last warning only two weeks ago, and yet you both insisted on fighting each other, in coven, in front of everyone less than a week later.  I hope your time in solitary has given you both time to think about you disgusting behaviour. You even managed to hurt your Training Mistress as she tried to stop you". Mistress Blackstock  gestured towards a plump, short blonde middle aged woman with a plaster-cast which encompassed her left arm.  Curling her fingers into fists Mistress Blackstock resumed.  "Both of you are over twenty, there are no excuses!"  She said with venom holding up a palm as the first man tried to speak before falling silent.
"Right then let's teach you the hard way, today you will receive twenty strokes from each lady here, then another week of solitary followed by another hundred strokes.  And then you maggots a week of shame walking for eight hours a day".  Stepping closer to them she smiled an evil smile before continuing.  "Finally you will have to convince Stephanie that you are sorry for breaking her arm and for her to speak on your behalf before me and the council".  If you don't we go through it all again.
Both men were now weeping, the second kept shaking his head in disbelief.
"Right sting them up, two lines ladies, when you have beaten one join the other line, I want it hard and fast, no stopping, understand?"
The twenty odd woman nodded or answered with a "Yes Ma'am"

David realised that there were chains hanging from the ceiling, the men were quickly secured by their wrist and a button in the far wall pushed, motors hummed and the chains rose slowly.  The button was pushed again when both men's feet were off the ground.  A broad leather belt was put around each mans waste and each man was gagged with a metal bit to stop them biting their tongues off.  Both men were sobbing and quivering, sweat ran down their bodies and started to drip onto the concrete floor.  Mistress Blackstock and Louise both stepped to the front of one of the men and firmly pulled upwards on the chain fixed to each mans parachute; stretching the individuals testicles to add to the pain.  With a simple instruction. "Begin". The First Lady in each line picked up a cane resting on the floor and commenced beating the man before her.  Both men started to twist and turn under the rapid strikes, each man screamed in agony, their legs doing a jitterbug in mid air.  As soon as the lady had delivered her twenty strokes she handed the cane to the next lady and went to join the other queue.  David watched in fascination as some of the ladies hit the mans bottom, others striking the back.  It became apparent to David that the belts protected the lower back and spinal column.  Even with the men's balls held in a gut wrenching pull they both still gyrated to such an extent that without the belts the lower back would have been repeatedly struck.  Blood soon flowed freely from both unfortunates, some of the ladies ended up splattered in a fine spray of the red stuff.  The men's heads started to droop and then finally sagged as each passed out.  The beatings continued at pace.  One of the kneeling men started to throw up.  A lady who had finished her beatings walked over, slapped his face before sending him away to get a bucket and mop to clean it up.  The young man, late teens; sprinted past David without a glance, fear etched on his face.

Finally the thud of cane on raw meat ceased.  Both men were completely unconscious.  They were lowed, gags removed and smelling salts positioned under there noses, both twitched and made mewing noises.  The man who had been sent out rushed back back in with a bucket and mop and sprinted towards the group.  As he arrived at the group he slipped over sending water everywhere, there was a lot of commotion and shouting.  David took his chance and slipped through the inner door unseen.

He made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a drink of water, he need one!.  Sitting on a stool with the glass plonked down he rested his elbows on the table and placed his head in his hands.  By now he thought he was immune to the sight and sounds of pain, clearly he wasn't he thought.  What he'd just seen had shaken him.  He was so wrapped up in his thought he did not hear the tap tap tap of high heels approaching.  "Oh it's you boy" came the lilting Irish voice of Mistress Louise. David looked round in panic.  "It's ok boy you can stay there" Louise gently said, followed by. "I've heard good things about you, let's have a little chat"
David watched with apprehension as she poured herself a coffee from the cafetière and sat opposite to him smiling warmly.  "Did you enjoy out little show, oh yes I saw you hiding round the van". David looked absolutely petrified.  "Don't worry I won't tell on you"  She said and laughed in a soft reassuring kind gentle way.  David loved her from that moment.  She chatted away to him, happy to let him talk freely about what had befallen him since their last encounter.
"Lucky for you that you haven't found her yet". Was the only mention she made about David's quest.  David quickly thought of a question to distract from that subject, he asked about the walk of shame.  Mistress Louise's featured darkened, her tone became distant, harsh.  Stroking her cheek absentmindedly she explained.
"The walk of shame is horrific, cruel and often fatal.  A boy stands naked, not in chastity, hands secured behind his back, trouser legs are fixed from the knee downwards, socks and shoes also.  A long thin trench coat is wrapped round him and buttoned up, the arms padded out and the ends sown into the pockets.  The slave collar with its strips is exposed.  Then the boy is given a route to repeatedly walk for eight hours.  The route in a Mistress village is easier as most ladies will know the boy and are normally kinder.  In a great city like this things are shall we say not so easy". Her eyes danced at this.  "Any Lady can slap, pinch, punch, kick or do anything they like to the boy.  Boys are dragged into houses or alleys and beaten up, then pushed onwards where's another lady may do the same.  Well you get the idea; after eight hours the boy is a physical and emotional wreck. Then". She continued "It all starts again the following day, after two or three days boys have to be dragged onto the street, most begging for anything but the walk.  Then they have to get escorted by Warriors to make them do the walk".  Leaning forward she added urgently, forcefully.  "David you don't ever want to have to do the walk, those two fools will survive, they have large enough families here who will look out for them, stop the excesses on the streets.  In your case no one can or will help you.  Except maybe me". She added with a grin lifting the gloom.
"Come here and kneel let's get you fed then washed; then you had better see the boss".

Less than an hour later David found himself kissing Mistress Blackstocks purple boots, clearly the red shoes had to have the blood cleaned from them.  Rising to two on command, followed by free talk, look; David hesitantly looked into his owners hard eyes, that weren't as hard looking as normal.  "So boy here you are, obedient and a tart!"  She laughed as he blushed, taking her seat she resumed.  "Who would have thought you'd be a slut, she did you well and hard didn't she boy".
David mumbled a reply but Mistress Blackstock was laughing so much she didn't hear the reply.  Finally she stopped laughing, pursed her lips and regarded him, leaning forward she pronounced her decision.  "I do believe you are sorry for what you have done, but is that enough?".  She tapped her right forefinger on the desk for a few taps, stopped tapped again and spoke.  "I won't impale you, no boy; that's too much now.  I will simply cut your throat, quick and clean, I promise little pain, you will be dead in seconds, I will cut deep!".
David was stumped, what could he say, he'd hoped for more, a chance, a future, forgiveness.  She looked at his face, reading his thoughts.  "What did you expect, you life?".
David nodded, his eyes begged, pleaded, implored.  Shaking her head in a negative she offered a carrot. "Continue to impress me and I might, I might reconsider again, understand".
David went into three and whispered "Thank you Mistress". What else could he say.  The irony that he was possible thanking her for promising to cut his throat was not lost on him.  That all to familiar sickie feeling in the pit of his stomach started to form.

David heard the entrance door to the room open, was closed and a tap tap tap sound echoed its way into David's ears.  Then silence, David remained in three, waiting, listening, hoping for what he didn't know, just hoping.  A familiar voice silkily said "I'm going to cane your balls until you bleed, capiche?".