Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sorry I've not been posting

Hi everyone,

 As you can see I have not been posting for quite awhile. I continue to heal and it is almost a year since my major illness.

My Wife/Mistress during the last 12 months has been fantastic, lately we have even started to play!...... Well occasionally and not to hard!.   I have gradually started to repick up the chores and duties that I had prior to my illness, one of my great joys has been me being able to run the kitchen a gain.  Cooking for my Mistress is one of my great pleasures.

I'm hopeful that I will soon continue my book, I would like to finish it, also the political landscape here has changed, certainally over here and possibly over there, I don't know for sure but I would hazard a guess Mr Trump isn't into Female Rule...... We maybe just at the weekends when his name is
Tracy.  Sorry America, Mr Trump is viewed with quite a lot of uncertainty over here.

I will attempt to return more often, have a great week m

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